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Northampton’s luxury sandwich entrepreneurs Dapper Sandwich contacted us only after a few days after the business concept had been approved.

It was exciting to build both the branding and website, whilst the shop was completely stripped ready for the launch.

Working closely with the team I gave the logo a contemporary twist on the ‘Victorian Gentleman’ style that they were keen to use. I kept in mind that it would need to be presentable on everything from greaseproof paper to the shop frontage.

I built the new site from scratch and broke down all the sections to give plenty of room for not only the various sandwiches they wish to promote but also advertise that the shop is also used for networking and evening hire.

The website is now slick, colour coded and uses bespoke graphics which have been migrated across to other mediums.

“We love it!!!!!! Looking forward to taking over the world with sandwiches!”

Sarah Clarke – Dapper Sandwich Company